Witch in Stone Boat Folk Tale Storyteller Iris Curteis

‘Troll in Stone Boat’

StoryVision for Change-Makers

I am a storyteller, a social artist,
passionate about supporting transformational change.

StoryVison is a creative process for individuals, couples, groups and communities.


StoryVision inspires you to redefine your personal experiences and your professional practice and helps you to create narratives that speak of who you are, the visions you hold, your intentions and values.

StoryVision will show you how you can share your ‘story vision’ with your partner, family, friends, organisation and community.


Story expresses life as a work of art; Story empowers change.


 For more about StoryVision, storytelling, workshops, articles, recommended websites and more, please brows the site. I’m interested in your comments; I’m happy to answer your questions .


12 Ravens folk tale storytelling Iris Curteis

‘Twelve Ravens’ 1

We recommend the services of Iris and StoryVision.
As a couple, we wanted to create a new story that was fresh and relevant to us moving forward and creating a new future.
Iris helped us to do that – providing insight for us as individuals and direction for us as a couple.
The process was enjoyable and creative. The story continues to evolve, unfolding as we move forward to create the future we want.

Iris has put together an innovative and creative process to reveal through story, many deeper underlying patterns that constrict the free flow of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. This work is potent!

What Iris had to offer was a complete mystery to me. But then I was led through a story and as it unfolded I found my Self in various guises and relationships.  The story shone light on the darkness as we went deeper, and the comments of others in the group added to my insights.  It was a fun and enchanting way to explore my inner world.  I could envisage it being very helpful to a family or group, playing with the characters to draw out their interactions.

pied piper folk tale storytelling

‘Pied Piper’

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