Mandorla Productions

Mandorla - Iris Curteis and  Alice JamiesonIn an ageless symbol of the Mandorla two circles overlap, creating a third space where complementary opposites work in harmonies. Mandorla brings two unique talents together. In each performance, master storyteller, Iris Curteis and piano virtuosa, Alice Jamison create a beautiful experience of ancient tales and contemporary classical music crafted from a single culture, opening a third space that invites audiences to travel into the soul of a people and beyond into the universally human.

About Alice:  ‘I have always been fascinated with the voice and, as a pianist, have loved to match musical sounds with language.’ Alice Jamison has travelled a full musical path, singing in choral groups around the world; composing music for films; creating and performing in several modern chamber ensembles; conducting choirs (gospel and classical); opera pianist for Juilliard School, Princeton Opera, Melbourne Opera, Oz Opera; accompanist and always a pianist.

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“A unique and highly engaging fusion of music and storytelling, creating an enriching experience for all ages.”
Trish O’Brien, former principal cellist, Sydney Symphony Orchestra


“Traditional storytelling meets beautiful classical music.”
Daily Telegraph


“Goosebump material! Brilliant!”
Georgia Foley.


“A stunning auditory experience, not to be missed.” Cathryn Burgess, singing teacher.


“The timeless art of storytelling is most definitely alive in the performances of Iris Curteis as she brings to life a wonderful selection of mystic folklore. Add to this the truly delicious musical accompaniment of accomplished pianist Alice Jamison and you have found yourself at a uniquely charming event. I was wonderfully adrift in their story. The only thing missing was a bean bag and a brandy balloon.”
Bill Frost, Musician


“Not quite knowing what to expect we attended the Troll in the Stone Boat, at the Regional Art Gallery, well, we were blown away. It was a most enjoyable afternoon having a story told to us with excitement, disappointment, love and thrills in the tone of the storyteller.”
Coffs Harbour Mayor, Denise Knight.




Crescent of the Moon Bear


A compassionate and courageous wife seeks healing for her war-shattered husband, but instead of receiving a potion, the healer sends her on a quest into the wild mountains. This beautiful Japanese folktale merges with the evocative, experimental music of Japanese composer Tōru Takemitsu.



Kalevipoeg, Son of Giants

Kalevipoeg - Estonian LegendSynopsis

Fused with the beautiful and haunting music of the Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt, the tale of Kalevipoeg, Son of Giants spins and weaves the world of Estonian mythology. This powerful and moving legend introduces a kind-hearted, naïve, hot-tempered hero who shares our human errors and vices, our dreams and our highest ideals.



Magician’s Many Birds

Magician's Many BirdsSynopsis

The house of a wicked magician is full of cages and every cage holds a bird that was once a human being. People pay whatever the magician demands free the bird they believe is their cursed loved one. The money doesn’t bring the Magician half as much joy as he draws from causing sorrow. No one can stop him until Mariedi takes pity on a linnet …

This Austrian Folktale is interwoven with music the young Mozart composed for his first opera, Bastien und Bastienne.



Three Golden Hairs of the Sun King


A charcoal burner’s son is given three gifts at birth, the gift of a misfortune, the gift of strength to change his misfortune to good and the gift of true love. But just as all seems to have come to a happy end, he is banished and must leave his true love until he can do the impossible: claim three hairs of gold from the Sun King’s head.

The music of Hungarian composer, Bèla Bartòk, adds depth, texture and spaces that invite audiences of all ages to journey into the heart of this Hungarian folktale.


Troll in the Stone Boat

Troll in Stone Boat Troll in a Stone BoatSynopsis

When Sigurt hears of his father’s death he sets sail to his homeland with his wife and infant son. But when the ship is caught in an eerie calm only the young queen and child are left awake to see a terrible troll rushing towards them in a stone boat …

Music composed by Icelandic Composer, Bruno Jafet creates a haunting foil for this ancient Icelandic tale ‘Skessan á steinnökkvanum’ collected by Jón Árnason in 1864.



VassilissaVassilissa the Brave, Beautiful and Wise


Deep in a wild forest lives Baba Yaga – Mother of Life and Death. People fear and avoid her, but Vassilissa’s stepmother sends her to fetch fire from Baba Yaga’s hut. The poor girl will need every ounce of courage and her wits about her to survive …

Compositions from Modest Mussorgsky’ Pictures of an Exhibition add evocative layers to this traditional Russian folktale.