Story Vision Creative Self-Development Sessions

Gently explore your life through metaphors and images.
Recognise yourself in the framework of a story.
Appreciate your life as a work of art.

StoryVision offers you:

  • Expansiveness – increased mental and emotional flexibility to re-interpret your experiences, gain new insights and act with greater integrity
  • Initiative – to draw on your original intentions, develop your own strategies, take positive risks and recognise adversaries and obstacles as gifts and ‘helpers in disguise’
  • Inspiration – to bind random bits of information and fragments of perceptions into something meaningful to make connections needed ‘in the moment’
  • Intuition – to use the tension between where you are and where you want to be to your best advantage
  • Inner Freedom – to integrate your evolving self

Story Vision supports organisations and groups to develop a clear understanding and appreciation of each individual member; it will help group/company/community members, together, to clarify and refine joint intentions and strengthen shared purpose. It supports the inception and development of innovation in cultural, social and economic life.

StoryVision will allow you to create a clear and flowing story that speaks of who you are, the visions you hold, your values and principles, and provide ways for you to share these with your family, friends, organisations and community. Story expresses life as a work of art; Story empowers change.


‘We experience our human dignity most when we are creative.’
Josef Beuys

StoryVision is a co-creative process.

  • Initial conversation (phone/email): we build a picture of the theme you would like to explore and develop. This allows me to find the most fitting story.
  • First One-hour Story Vision session.
  • Follow-up conversation: (phone/email) to help you integrate your experience.
  • Second One-hour Story Vision session.
  • Follow-up conversation: (phone/email) to help you integrate your experience; a possibility to discuss the benefits of further sessions.

three ravens one storytelling folk tales Iris Curteis narrative healing personal development

Folk Tale ‘Three Ravens’ 1

First Session

In the first session we use the following creative mediums:


I will tell you a traditional folktale that connects to your theme. The archetypes and motifs of the story will support your autonomous perception of your destiny and the future you wish to create for yourself. As you relate to the archetypes and motifs they will help you to empower your imagination, to playfully attune your thinking and to interpret and act on your experiences. Whenever we hear a story we cross a threshold between two worlds: the world of our physical senses and the world of the story. In our soul these two worlds overlap and create a third space of heightened consciousness: the liminal space.

Liminal Space:

A feeling of being transported into a world of imagination inspires more responsive thinking and generates new ideas. It helps you to organise stored memories and random information. It enables you to integrate knowledge you have gained through intuition, perception and reason. This means, you can access your inner wisdom, order your inner chaos and recognise adversities and obstacles as your ‘helpers in disguise’. In a liminal state of mind you experience a new quality in the pattern of your thinking and a consciousness subtly different from your norm.

‘Turn-about’ Conversation

Through conversation you discover and unpack archetypes, motifs and themes and how you relate to them. This discovery builds your attentiveness to what you “see” and don’t “see” in the folktale and what this means to you. This insight creates a chart for your voyage to parallels in your own life. It transforms disjointed personal experiences into a story that flows. It guides you through multiple layers of meaning until you find your depth and it en-courages you to be more open to different and developing possibilities and to take positive risks.


Using pencils and simple drawings you develop a ‘story map’. Through this drawing you organise and reveal to yourself the hidden structures, “paths”, dynamics, rhythms and relationships within the folktale and you will begin to relate these discoveries to your life, your question and the story you wish to create for yourself.

folk tale twelve ravens two storytelling Iris Curteis narrative healing personal development

Folk Tale ‘Twelve Ravens’ 2

Second Session


We revisit the story told in the first session, enliven archetypes and motifs and your imagination. This attunes your thinking to interpret and act on your experiences.

‘Turn-about’ Conversation

In this conversation we further unpack archetypes, motifs and themes, what you “see” and don’t “see” in the folktale and though this focus on your own story – the story you wish to create for yourself now. I will guide you through multiple layers of meaning until you find your depth and the different and developing possibilities you seek.


Using coloured pastels or crayons you then create your core image, a story image that stands out for you, that that inspires you to delve deeper into the archetypes and themes of the tale and to form questions you might not yet have asked yourself.

Creative Writing

In this step, you are the author and editor of your own story. As you write, this expressive act deepens your insight into a chosen aspect of your life. Writing uses creativity and precision and can clarify your thinking as you grapple with finding the words that best express who you are and where you wish to go. Creative writing stimulates an area of your brain (left hemisphere) not activated by conversation or oral-aural experiences, which means, you benefit from an all-inclusive approach.


Story expresses life as a work of art;
Story empowers change


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Iris’s Story Vision work takes you on a deep inner journey into your own psyche. It is a gentle, yet profound process that draws on the elements of the archetypal fairy tale – the personal message inherent within – and the creative response to this enquiry.
Iris holds this space with impeccable intention and integrity.