Self-development Work and Storytelling

StoryVision Creative Self-Development Sessions

Gently explore your life through metaphors and images.
Recognise yourself in the framework of a story.
Appreciate your life as a work of art.

StoryVision offers you:

  • Expansiveness – increased mental and emotional flexibility to re-interpret your experiences, gain new insights and act with greater integrity
  • Initiative – to draw on your original intentions, develop your own strategies, take positive risks and recognise adversaries and obstacles as gifts and ‘helpers in disguise’
  • Inspiration – to bind random bits of information and fragments of perceptions into something meaningful to make connections needed ‘in the moment’
  • Intuition – to use the tension between where you are and where you want to be to your best advantage
  • Inner Freedom – to integrate your evolving self

Story Vision supports organisations and groups to develop a clear understanding and appreciation of each individual member; it will help group/company/community members, together, to clarify and refine joint intentions and strengthen shared purpose. It supports the inception and development of innovation in cultural, social and economic life.

StoryVision will allow you to create a clear and flowing story that speaks of who you are, the visions you hold, your values and principles, and provide ways for you to share these with your family, friends, organisations and community. Story expresses life as a work of art; Story empowers change.

‘We experience our human dignity most when we are creative.’

Josef Beuys

StoryVision is a co-creative process

  • Initial conversation (phone/email): we build a picture of the theme you would like to explore and develop. This allows me to find the most fitting story.
  • First One-hour Story Vision session.
  • Follow-up conversation: (phone/email) to help you integrate your experience.
  • Second One-hour Story Vision session.
  • Follow-up conversation: (phone/email) to help you integrate your experience; a possibility to discuss the benefits of further sessions.

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