Welcome to StoryVision with Iris Curteis – storytelling and folk tales for personal development and narrative healing

Workshops, seminars and courses are created to address particular themes and topics open and accessible to all. They also meet the needs of educators and professional groups, community groups, youth and recreational groups, business organisations, retirement communities and returned veterans.

All workshops, seminars and courses are available on request Australia wide. Whether I work alone or in collaboration with others, the approach is always interactive and designed to grow participants’ confidence, skills and enjoyment, to fully integrate the themes and to present the creative power of storytelling and exploring stories, and conversations that unpack metaphor and imagery.

The formats range from two-hour storytelling and conversation sessions to multi-day seminars. Group sizes vary; in an open workshop places are usually limited to 25 people to ensure there is time to interact, ask questions, and hold conversations that benefit all participants. Workshops for specific groups, organisations, communities and businesses are tailored to your requirements.

Self-Development Work and Storytelling

Creative Self-Development Sessions

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Women’s Work with Story

Online Courses

Iris’s StoryVision work takes you on a deep inner journey into your own psyche. It is a gentle, yet profound process that draws on the elements of the archetypal folk tale – the personal message inherent within – and the creative response to this enquiry.
Iris holds this space with impeccable intention and integrity.

Jeannette Jones, Life Alignment Practitioner

It’s a powerful and delightful medium storytelling, it’s the language of empowerment. Iris’s delivery is very professional and her passionate insight into her craft left me with a feeling of renewal, with seeds for healing and a sense that something once lodged and stuck was released.
I highly recommend this medium of self-discovery and recovery and Iris as a master storyteller!
In Gratitude

Meryl Karlson, Principal, Synapses at Play; Train the Brain to Thrive