Iris Curteis PhD, Storyteller & Social Artist

Welcome to StoryVision

Stoytelling is becoming aware of the poetry within our own lives, generating consciousness and new perceptions by veiling something with the imaginative imagery of Story. Storytelling is movement through many-layered meaning, becoming perceptible and relevant over time to different people, or emerging at different points in time for the same person. Understanding rests with those who live with the story, carry it with them in the pockets and wrinkles of their souls – teller and listener alike. 

Story is the narrative version of mycelium, cradling our soul-world in a web of interconnected images, and, as mycelium moves nourishment between trees, Story moves nourishment between people. What we discover are new ways of knowing, cunning-compassion to evolve sustainable futures, and wisdom to create thriving communities, because we hold our own and each other’s stories, knowing: every individual life is a work of art.

This is StoryVision – the in-sight we gain when we perceive life through the aether, tone and ayre of Story. 

Workshops, seminars and courses are available on request Australia wide. My approach is interactive, designed to grow participants’ confidence, skills and enjoyment, to fully integrate themes and to present the creative power of storytelling and stories.

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