Rewilding Stories ~ Restoring Balance

We need stories we can tell the earth, tell one another, that speak of our respect, and our knowledge of, and gratitude for the many ways this Earth offers sustenance and healing. and, if we truly understand, we will discover: we are here to learn about love and freedom. Through our stories we can connect with our higher selves and find our rightful and most complementary place within the human community. We need to share with one another myths, legends and folktales that underpin the wisdom of the cultures we have inherited.

The experience I would like to offer in these sessions is: Folktales are small initiations. I’d like to show you how they build conscious insight; how and why telling stories supports and encourages resilient, compassionate communities – and how we can create change!

We need a new and ancient language – that expresses a way of thinking that meets the initiation that is beginning to unfold involving every living being on this planet: human and non-human alike. Rivers, trees and mountains have traditionally and are increasingly recognised as spirit beings, Ancestors, and teachers with inviolable rights inscribed in Lore and law. we’re also witnessing a new death cult and vast, possibly irreversible destruction of life driven by materialistic concepts, insatiable greed, and lust for power. This is Omnicide. And …

There will come a time when we, once more, create images out of the stars in heaven and lay the spider webs of ancient folktales on open wounds.

Christian Morgenstern

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Dreaming Fox Woman

And the Day we Wake Up to Find Her Gone

Iron John

Imagine a forest from which any who dare enter never return. Imagine a Wild Man, with hair as red as rust, who sleeps in the bottom of a deep forest tarn … the world of water, the world of solid earth … two worlds meet. This ancient folktale provides images, themes and a powerful journey for men and women alike. 


The Woman with Silver Hands

Rewilding Rapunzel; From Walled Garden To Wilderness

Rapunzel becomes our guide on a journey about reclaiming our self & our interconnectedness