A General Workshop on Oral Storytelling

An Introduction to Oral Storytelling for Parents, Teachers, Care-Givers and Storylovers
A One-Day Workshop 


What does Storytelling do?

  • Storytelling brings us together
  • Storytelling is entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking in a creative way
  • Traditional stories tackle topics like fairness, compassion, how to outmanoeuvre bullies, etc. and how not to lose sight of our dreams with humour and creativity

What can you do through storytelling?

  • You help children, teens and adults gain imaginative thinking and creative problem solving
  • You increase people’s capacity to learn especially children who, between the age of 5 and 14, learn best through imagination
  • You inspire a stronger feeling for truth, beauty and wisdom, creating imagination for a better future

What will the workshop offer?

  • An experience of oral storytelling
  • Tools that help you work with a story so that you can tell it
  • Techniques you can use to help your listeners ‘hear’ your story
  • The thrill of having a story to tell!

Iris is a passionate storyteller and writer with qualifications in Speechformation and Dramatic Art (recitation, storytelling, acting) Visual Art (Europe), and a PhD (Australia), focusing on the power of storytelling in community building and social responsibility. A performing storyteller and academic presenter, her experience ranges from intimate workshops to seminars and presentations at national and international conferences.