Tales of Nettles and Raven’s Wings

A Collaborative Event

The core story I will work with is about birth and death, truth and deception, garden and forest, twelve white lilies and twelve raven-brothers, and a sister who chooses to spin nettle thread, weave cloth and sew twelve shirts, in utter silence, over seven years to set her brothers free. The story offers potent images, themes that lead us into the deep recesses of our souls and reveal a powerful truth: plants are elders, initiators and our teachers. The core story also asks questions: What does she learn though her silence? What does it mean to become raven? 

How can we honour this? What does Honourable Harvest really mean and how do we truely work in this way? How can we celebrate our plant-kin through creative collaboration – music, movement, visual art, poetry, storytelling … ?