Workshops, Seminars, Courses

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Workshops, Seminars, and Courses

All workshops, seminars and courses are available on request Australia wide. Whether I work alone or in collaboration with others, the approach is always interactive and designed to grow participants’ confidence, skills and enjoyment, to fully integrate the themes and to present the creative power of storytelling telling and exploring stories, and conversations that unpack metaphor and imagery.

Workshops, seminars and courses are created to address particular themes and topics open and accessible to all. They also meet the particular needs of educators and professional groups, community groups, youth and recreational groups, business organisations, retirement communities and returned veterans.

The formats range from two-hour storytelling and conversation sessions to multi-day seminars. Group sizes vary; in an open workshop places are usually limited to 25 people to ensure there is time to interact, ask questions, and hold conversations that benefit all participants. Workshops for specific groups, organisations, communities and businesses are tailored to your requirements.

For  information on upcoming workshops, dates and venues please click through the links below.

  1. In the Hut of a Thousand Suns. Exploring the Nature of Evil Through Storytelling, Deep Conversation and Creative Activities
  2. Heart in the Radiance of Stars. The Etheric Heart – An Organ of Spiritual Perception
  3. Inscribing Signs with a Finger Dipped In Light – A residential schooling course towards a cultural-spiritual approach to dying and death