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Once Upon A Time – Part Three: The Storyteller’s Awareness

workshop once upon a time storytelling iris curteis folk tales narrative healing personal developmentThe Telling Difference: The Moral of the Story or Moral-Ethical Imagination

Whether we are seasoned storytellers or just dipping a toe into the ocean of stories we all face a question: How do I approach this story so that I can tell it?
In essence, this is a question of awareness – our storyteller’s awareness.
The awareness we bring to the stories we tell will effect how alive they are, how accessible they are to the people who are listening, whether our stories are a wholesome seed each person can grow in freedom, according to their needs, or a piece of toxic propaganda.

You will build your awareness of:

  • The profound difference between reading and listening
  • How to contemplate story images
  • Mapping and structures
  • The listeners’ freedom; recitative speech or dramatic presentation
  • Moving from ‘the moral of the story’ to ‘supporting ethical imagination’


PDF brochure – ‘Once Upon a Time Seminar’ with Iris Curteis


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