Once Upon A Time – Part Two: I’ll Hold Your Story While You Tie Your Shoe!

workshop once upon a time storytelling iris curteis folk tales narrative healing personal developmentStorytelling, Community Building & Social Responsibility; It’s All About Communication

Community storytelling bridges difference and brings us together. Because stories tell truths that are essential and common to all humankind, folktales globalise our feelings through empathy.
A Storytelling with ‘turning about’ conversation helps us become aware of our different points of view and our interconnectedness. Because we build this awareness through imagination, we can become mindful and competent; we are able to think and feel differently about our situation, individually and communally, in new and more resourceful ways.
Storytelling develops ethical imagination and helps us see parallel relationships where none existed before, empowering us to act with integrity and compassion. Community Storytelling cultivates an awareness of ‘the community as witness’ and ‘the community as protector’ and awakens social responsibility.

This workshop combines storytelling, contemplation, ‘turning about’ conversation, individual and small group work.

My approach will show you how to:

  • Unpack a story and find the key-images
  • Practice ‘turning about’ conversation and use it as a tool for community building
  • Create ‘public liminality’ to open communities and groups to transformational change and social responsibility


PDF brochure – ‘Once Upon a Time Seminar’ with Iris Curteis


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