The Wisdom of the Wicked Witch – Part One – Lack & Plenty: Signals of Change, Nurture and Nourishment

In folktales, lack always signals change: a dramatic change in the life of the heroine/hero and a change in the course of the tale. But the lack of food touches on something deeper: the link between nourishment – sustenance, and nurture – and the soul.
Lack of nourishment leads to the abandonment of children, or to the hardheartedness that sees a hero sent on his way with only a crust of stale bread; lack of nurture drives the heroine out into the snow with nothing but a paper dress. The central question remains the same:

‘What is to become of us if we cannot feed – nurture and nourish – ourselves? How can we feed – nurture and nourish – our children?


What will we do? Using traditional folktales and storytelling we will:

  • Unpack folktales and explore how lack and plenty signal change
  • Understand lack as creative driving force
  • Work with lack and plenty as ebb & flow in characters, story and how we can use this as a ‘tool for telling’
  • Explore the link between nourishment and nurture

Why are we doing this?

  • To gain a better understanding of the dynamics that influence life
  • To overcome concepts: ‘lack is bad’ and ‘plenty is good’
  • To understand how nurturing and nourishing ourselves means a better future

What else will you gain?

  • The ability to put this all together to tell a better story
  • A honing of storytelling skills overall and confidence as a story-teller
  • Insight into why too much ‘plenty’ can become poison.

PDF brochure – workshop ‘The Wisdom of the Wicked Witch’ part one with Iris Curteis