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Once Upon A Time – Part One: One Plus One Is Three; ‘Liminal Space’

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When we listen to a story we continue to experience the world around us and we perceive the soul-scape of the tale at the same time. As these two sets of consciousness overlap they create a third. This third space is the liminal space. We can use this liminal space to access deeper levels of knowledge, to order inner chaos and to integrating stored memories. By telling stories, we can give this gift to our families, our friends and our communities.

Using storytelling, conversation, individual and group work, I will show you how to mark the shift into Liminal Space by:

  • Preparing the ground with ritual story openings
  • Stepping across the boundary into Story
  • Returning home with ritual closings


PDF brochure – Once Upon a Time Part One with Iris Curteis


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